ADA Signs

The Southwell Company manufactures Image Carved ADA® , a one-piece, melamine plastic laminate sign that is both attractive and resistant to vandalism. Available in a wide selection of colors, letter styles, and designs, Image Carved ADA® signs meet specifications that conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, including Grade 2 Braille translations. Below are some samples as well as specification information.
  Specifications for ADA Signs
  ADA Compliance interior signage shall be manufactured by The Southwell Company, P.O. Box 299, San Antonio, Texas 78291-0299. Signs shall be single-faced. Schedule shall be as furnished by the Architect or owner. Composition shall be a design similar to manufacturers standards. Signs shall be mounted with double-faced tape or screws (tamperproof or standard) as furnished by the manufacturer. ADA Signs shall conform to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act 1990. The Architect will provide details and lettering and shall select colors and mounting methods. Please select one of the following formats to receive a specifications form.