Router Cut-Out Letters provide you with the option of virtually any letter style we have in our computer programs or you can send us your own artwork. The process uses CNC (computer numerically controlled) technology to cut out letters and logos from metal plates. Once cut out, the letters are cleaned and painted in our finishing shop. All our letters come with a paper mounting template and concealed mounting studs.


Available Thicknesses:

 1/4″ • 3/8″ • 1/2″

Available Materials:

Aluminum • Brass • Bronze • PVC Plastic (interior use only)

To determine what size letters will fit on your wall, we need to know… • Your wall space (width and height available) • What you want the letters to say • What Letter Style you want

Advantages of Router Cut-Out Letters: • Virtually any font we have in our computer programs • Letters / Logos made from your artwork • Virtually any size (2″ minimum / 48″ maximum)

Foundry creating cast letters

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