Made in SA

Some of the unique signs you see around USAA and the UT Health Science Center were constructed right here in the Alamo City by a 150-year-old business called The Southwell Company. “To be in business for that long, four generations in the same family, is really an honor,” said Southwell Company co-President Scott Southwell.
  The company began in 1866 as the San Antonio Rubber Stamp Company.
  “We make everything in house. We do not send anything out. We can’t count on anybody but ourselves,” Southwell co-President Billy Southwell said. “You have to be a craftsman to have a quality product, spell it right, and turn it out on time.”
  Many of their employees are like family, but one of their past employees spent more than 25 years carving a very famous rock.
  “The man who carved Mount Rushmore was Gutzon Borglum. He had previously worked for our grandfather here in San Antonio,” Scott Southwell said.
  Throughout their 150-year history, the Southwells said the art of making signs hasn’t changed much at all.
  “This art has really not changed in about two to 5,000 years,” Billy Southwell said.
  The Southwell Company has made more than 16,000 historical markers, and just last month they got their own: A histroical marker for The Southwell Company.
  “To get the real deal, the real legitimate marker, is a big honor for us,” Scott Southwell said.
  His brother Billy Southwell said: “We’ve had so many great employees in the history of the Southwell company. That’s what makes this company work.”
  source: KENS 5