Where Southwell Started

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For more then 150 years, the Southwell family put their heart and soul into the Southwell Company. Each generation making it their own and innovating with the time. Starting with stencils, then rubber stamps, and finally to the plaques and signs we know and love today.

In 1866 The San Antonio Rubber stamp Co. opened making stencils for wool and cotton shippers, they had one employee and one part time delivery boy. George T. Southwell purchased the company in 1912 and after his death passed it along to his son W.P. “Bill” Southwell who, in 1953, changed the name to The Southwell Company. “Bill” Southwell soon consolidated the operation of three manufacturing divisions; stamps, decals, and plaques. Making his mark on the company a lasting one.

In 1936 the company was awarded the contract to manufacture all of the bronze historical markers. Since then thousands of cast aluminum historical markers have been provided all around the country and even the world.  In 1976, the company was selected to manufacture all of the historical markers for the Bicentennial. Many of our architectural signage products can be found in England, Saudi Arabia and around the world.

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Corpus Christi Stamp Works &
The Southwell Co.

In 1949 brothers George and Wilson Southwell founded CCSW or Corpus Christi Stamp Works. This company specialized in designing and manufacturing standard and custom marking devices for the office environment, such as rubber stamps, date markers and seal embossers.

Our current owner Harry Lee Chester, Jr. nephew of George and Elsie Southwell, joined CCSW in 1977 and promptly took on a leadership role in CCSW. He expanded the business by introducing and developing products, as well as services to cater to the wayfinding and signage system needs of architectural firms.

At Southwell at the same time in 1977 Billy Southwell joined the family business soon followed by Scott Southwell who joined his brother in ownership of the company in 1989. 

In 2002 CCSW acquired South Texas Graphics Specialties (STGS) now known as our Houston office which was originally established in 1984. STGS services the greater Houston and East Texas areas. They specialize in sales, project management and installation. National Signage Affiliates is a DBA and is comprised of CCSW and STGS.

Different Names, Same Family

In May of 2019 the Southwell Co joined the National Signage Affiliates family. Under Harry’s leadership we now work in joint with CCSW; Making high quality signs and plaques for personal use and businesses across the United States and further.

Southwell Co may have moved locations and the owner may have a different last name; But we are still very much a member of the Southwell family. We are an ever growing company, focused on making the highest quality products. Each made with care and dedication to perfection.

We as a company still push to expand our family company, and innovate ways to make those memories you wish to remember a unique one of a kind project. And to make any business stand out from the competition.