Honoring State Historical Marker Maker

A plaque is more than a piece of aluminum metal.
  It tells a story marking important and special events.
20160127_145542   Like one at Maverick Park.   “The Texas marker is in my blood,” said Billy Southwell of the Southwell Company. Since 1866, the Southwell Company has made every historical marker in Texas. More than 15,000 so far. Wednesday, to honor 150 years of business, the company received it’s very own.
“That is just unbelievable to us that we made a marker for ourselves. We’re humbled. We cannot believe that we warrant a marker,” said Southwell.
“I’m very proud to be part of the family that contributes to Texas History and makes iconic landmarks designations, like we do,” said Scott Southwell.
The dedication, a historic and emotional moment for everyone like this unexpected appearance by their father, who once ran the business.
20160127_141808 ”He is the founding father for the Texas Historical Markers,” Billy Southwell added. “He was in a nursing home. He’s very sick. He came down here. Amazing that he came down. He’s 90.”
A family legacy making its mark on Texas History.
    source: TWCnews