The Southwell Company produces only the finest metal letters and custom logos. You can choose from our wide selection of standard cast letter styles or we can make custom styles and logos from your artwork or computer file.

We have over 24 styles of standard cast metal letters. Most are available in caps and lower case. Sizes range from 2″ to 18″.

Computer cut-out letters offer the versatility of thousands of other fonts not available in cast letters. Sizes range from 2″ to 36″. They can be made in aluminum, brass and bronze. Standard thickness is 1/4″, but other thicknesses are available. Please contact us at 1-877-768-9526 for more details.

Fonts choices and examples of our Metal Letters

Color options for our Baked Enamel Letters.

Illustrations of our standard mounting methods.

Below are some examples of cast metal letters, cut-out letters and custom logos.

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